Sealing Foam

Sealing Foam is a hydrophobic polyurethane foam. When compressed, it creates an airtight and watertight seal. This foam is virtually closed-cell, which makes it resist hydrolysis and makes it stable, resilient, and low-fogging.

Sealing Foam is well-suited for gasket applications, and it is often used for ventilation systems, light fixtures, and weather stripping.

These foams meet FMVSS-302 flame-retardency standards.

Type PPI Density lb./ft3 CLD@40% psi Tensile Strength psi Elongation %(min) Data Sheet
TN 25 FR 70 1.6 0.46 (at 25%) 20.16 125 Contact
TN 30 FR 70 1.9 0.624 18.85 90 Contact
50 FR 76 2.9 0.725 34.81 220 Contact
Aqua FINE-CELLED 1.9 contact Contact 70 Contact