Polyether Foam

Each of our polyether foams has different additives and properties to make it suitable for a specific market.

AB: Used in flame-lamination applications, especially for automotive-trim systems. These foams will pass FMVSS-302.

AF: Similar to AB foams, but with additional flame retardant to help composite materials pass the FMVSS-302 burn test.

AL: Designed for automotive trim systems where pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) and other adhesives are used instead of flame lamination to attach the upholstery. These foams will pass FMVSS-302.

ET: These are standard ether foams with no additives. In higher-density ranges, these foams may pass FMVSS-302 but are not designed specifically to do so.

FL: These foams are thermoformable for flame lamination. The higher density grades may pass FMVSS-302 but are not specifically designed to do so.

FS:  These foams are the same as the FL grades but with an added biocide. These foams were originally designed for boat seat covers, where anti-microbials are important. However, FS foams are also widely used in shoe insoles.

Type Density lb./ft3 IFD@25% lb./50sqin Tensile Strength psi (min.) Elongation %
AB (Flame Lamination) 1.30-2.90 30.120 10 90-175
AL (Adhesive Lamination) 1.40-2.80 30.100 10 100-200
AF (Flame Laminated w/higher FR) 1.70-200 40 12 125-150
ET (Standard Ether) 1.40-3.40 55-210 12 80-110
FL (Thermoformable) 1.20-1.30 40-170 12 80-125
FS (Thermoformable w/Biocide) 1.40-4.50 140-170 12 80-150

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